Sinead Monaghan

Medical Advisor

I am accountable for the medical content in the therapy area and company products I work on. I lead on medical strategic plans and work on projects that will enhance patient care. I communicate with healthcare professionals from all disciplines to answer medical and scientific enquiries, while building relationships to understand their healthcare environment. I am also responsible for training colleagues within my therapy area.

After four years in community pharmacy, I was interested in a career change. I relocated to England for my first role as an Medical Science Liaison (MSL) and worked for five years in various therapy areas across the UK and Ireland. In 2019, I was promoted to my current role as Medical Advisor.  

I am keen to share my experience with others who are curious about medical affairs roles in industry. I am an example of someone who came back to Northern Ireland having relocated for my initial role in industry. Career opportunities for pharmacists in industry are expanding. The digital world is changing how we work, therefore more opportunities to live in NI and work in different roles/ industries will continue to increase.

I want to encourage students and/or pharmacists to explore non-traditional roles, build their career network and encourage them to move out of their comfort zone. People have spoken to me about how they wanted to leave pharmacy and retrain as something else because they weren’t happy in a role. That isn’t necessarily the right move because they might find another aspect of pharmacy they enjoy, but just didn’t know about it. The pharmacist role is continually evolving; it’s simply a matter of finding yours.