Mark Briers

General Practice Pharmacist

I studied pharmacy at Queen’s University Belfast and  have been qualified four years now, spending three as a Pharmacist Branch Manager in community, however since October 2020, I have been working with East Antrim Federation as a General Practice Pharmacist.

I took inspiration from my mum to study pharmacy; she is currently a GPP in Clifton Street surgery. I always heard my mum speaking about her job when I was younger and this led me to having a great interest in the field.

I have always enjoyed my choice of career. Probably for a simple reason - I like being in a position where I can help other people and improve their quality of life. There is great satisfaction in that. Pharmacy also allows you to build up a rapport with each patient. Pharmacists become a very big part of the community - almost like a focal point. People really rely and trust the advice we give them!

Pharmacy in Northern Ireland has so much potential; I’m looking forward to playing my part in highlighting this through Pharmacy Futures NI.