Jacquelyn Clare Hanley

Senior Clinical Pharmacist (Palliative Care/Discharge Follow-Up)

I have been a pharmacist for 17 years and currently have two roles. I provide clinical pharmacy input to the specialist palliative care team in the Macmillan Unit and across the Trust and I lead a team delivering innovative discharge follow-up service supporting patients with medication issues after discharge from hospital.

I attended Queen’s University Belfast and undertook my pre-registration in 2002/3 in community pharmacy in NI before moving to a hospital clinical pharmacy role in Glasgow. I worked there for seven years as a respiratory and therapeutic drug monitoring specialist before returning to NI.   My interest in healthcare is driven by enjoyment in understanding the rationale behind illness and the pharmacology of medicine use.

Pharmacy offers such diverse opportunities to be involved in the health sector and to be a valued member of the multidisciplinary team. Medications form an essential part of patients’ treatment and pharmacists are key to ensuring this is done safely and appropriately. New medicines are being developed all the time and patients medications regimens are becoming increasingly complex. With their expert knowledge and experience, pharmacists can make a difference to the lives of patients through safe and appropriate medication use. 

Northern Ireland has a fantastic clinical pharmacy service and a close network of professionals. With developments such as MOOP, MOIC and other innovative projects, we really have a great opportunity to be leaders in this field, developing how pharmacy and medicines optimisation services continue to improve the quality of care for patients.